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Together we are stronger, together we are Without Borders

Donate and support our work!

Encourage social actions aimed at community strengthening!
Foment access to infrastructure services for low-income populations!
Contribute to socio-environmental awareness of children and young people!
Boost the reach of our entrepreneurship projects!
Ensure more quality of life and hope in the lives of thousands of people!

Building a better future with practical actions!

Our mission is to promote human and sustainable development. From Engineering, we develop activities on fronts that seek to guarantee basic sanitation, health, housing and other basic rights to populations in situations of social vulnerability.
We believe in the collective effort in favor of significant social changes. To solve basic demands of the population, we operate in four areas:

Discover the pillars that support and guide our work





Education is the basis of everything. Through courses and educational projects, we impact the lives of children and adults.
From creating gardens to energy efficiency projects, environmental awareness guides our actions.
We carry out structural reforms and basic sanitation services, as well as donations of food and clothing.
We offer the tools for people to follow their own professional paths.

The impact for our beneficiaries

Since its foundation in Brazil, in 2010, Engineers Without Borders has positively impacted the lives of thousands of people. We need your help to continue with our work in the country.
benefited people
completed projects
ongoing projects

The impact for our volunteers

In addition to the communities served, another fundamental part of the EWB is our team of volunteers. They are students and professionals from all areas who fight for a more fair and equal society!
active volunteers
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Reports of those who live EWB:

I went to the bakery and there I met Engineers Without Borders. I arrived and asked what they were doing. They explained to me that they were making new washbasins. Guys, how beautiful! Everyone is doing their part, do yours too! Now when you get off the bus and go up to the sidewalk, take a time and wash your hands. Thank you!


Morro do Papagaio resident
Belo Horizonte unit
An action like this (delivery of basic food items during the pandemic) helps the community, which did not have access to other mechanisms, to also have help so that it can maintain itself, because we know how difficult it is to eat, work and even to have conditions in this pandemic situation. And such help comes in handy and helps a lot the community that didn't have access or opportunities to get other kind of help.


Responsible for the association of residents of the Palestine neighborhood
Salvador unit
Joining the EWB network made me realize how much we live in a bubble, in an unequal world, where very few people have access to the basics to live. After that, in addition to understanding that my purpose is to work to bring this to people, I started to be much more grateful for what I have.

Larisse Cavalcante

Environmental and Sanitary Engineer and Volunteer
Juiz de Fora e Nacional units
Meeting people will always be one of the greatest legacies, being able to see different realities and working with people from all over Brazil, in addition to being able to meet the beneficiaries of the projects makes me able to believe that it is possible to transform people's lives.

Rafael Kondo

Manufacturing Engineer and Volunteer
Limeira e Nacional units
We believe in the importance of community involvement, dialogue and cooperation. Co-responsibility is one of the feelings that guide us and we invite you to be part of this social transformation movement!

Social transformation through collective work. Let's go together?

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